Oct 162011

Women are known to be extremely vain creatures, and would want to make sure that they look attractive at all times. However, there are some situations which can be far beyond their control, especially when it comes to physical changes.

Among the dreaded conditions that some women in the world experience is hair loss. It’s definitely something to be insecure about, especially when all their lady pals are sporting long locks of hair that flow so smoothly while they get to experience hair fall.

It can truly hamper their self confidence and would lead them to hide themselves from public view. At the very least, they’d be wearing hats and wigs all the time, which may prove to be an uncomfortable experience every now and then.

It is highly essential that women look into the reasons as to why they experience such a condition in order to take preventive measures. The advice of a doctor may be necessary to treat the condition and get hair growing back again.

Below are just some of the reasons why women experience the loss of hair, regardless of their age.

  • woman-smokingSmoking is one of the major culprits in women losing their hair. In fact, they may be smoking several sticks of cigarettes in a day, and this can cause free radicals, as well as toxins, to be produced in the body. Aside from hair fall, there may even be a number of diseases developing, such as lung cancer. Smoking is also known to cause deficiencies in Vitamin C, which then leads to a poor immune system.
  • Women, and even men, take medications in order to relieve themselves of any conditions which may hamper their health. However, there are some drugs and medicines which are known to cause hair loss as a side effect. These can either be oral contraceptives, medication for blood pressure and even anti-depressants. Illegal drugs such as cocaine also contribute to hair fall.
  • Genetics plays a big role in the development of hair loss among women. They may have relatives and ancestors who experienced the same problem back then, and their DNA was passed down. Apart from that, their family’s medical history can also lead to this condition. If their bloodline is known to have suffered from endocrine problems, anemia, tumors in the ovary and even tissue-related diseases such as lupus, there’s a pretty big chance that a person may end up suffering from the same, thus leading to the loss of a full wad of hair from their head.
  • Deprivation of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients can also cause unwanted damage to a person’s hair follicles. Lacking the proper nourishment for healthy hair growth will definitely lead to a balding head.

These are just some of the reasons as to why women get to suffer from unwanted hair loss.

Therefore, the reasons indicated above should help people know what preventive measures to take, such as eating healthily, eliminating bad habits and vices, as well as exercising regularly to live much healthier lives in the long run.

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