Sep 222012

Acne is one of the reasons that can cause stress among the teenagers. Acne (or also known as pimples) usually appears on the skin of those people who have high hormonal imbalance or secretions.

Therefore, the group of people most prone to this is the teenagers since during their adolescent years, the hormonal secretions in their body are everywhere thus this can trigger the presence of acne.

Why does acne appear?

The presence of acne can actually be highly attributed to the problem with the skin pores. These skin pores can sometimes be clogged by either dirt, bacteria or dead skin cells that may eventually lead to redness and pus formation and this would be then your acne.

Thus it is always best to keep your skin always clean and free from other invaders so that acne could not have the chance to grow.

Another reason for the presence of acne would be due to hormonal imbalance. Thus teenagers and those women who are near their period are the ones who are most prone to develop acne.

Third reason would be genetic thus if you can see (or have known) that your mother or father had history of severe pimples in their past, you no longer have to worry if you also have one because they might have given the acne genes to you.

The best thing that you can do now is to control the appearance of acne.

Can acne be treated?

The good thing is that acne can be easily treated.

Below are the ways in which a person could treat the appearance of acne on his or her skin:

  • Cleansing and Exfoliating

skin cleansingSkin cleansing is the most important step in treating and controlling acne since dirt is one of the major reasons why acne forms.

By cleaning your face twice a day, you get to remove the dirt that may clog the pores and through exfoliating, one can remove the dead skin cells that may also clog the pores.

One might not be able to forget to clean their faces in the morning but when night time comes, no matter how tired you are, you must not forget to clean your face to avoid the appearance of acne.

  • Oil-Free Cosmetics

Some people notice that even if they have cleansed and exfoliated their faces properly already, there are still times wherein the acne is still there.

The problem may be attributed to the cosmetic products that you use. Make sure that the cosmetic products that you use are oil-free since the presence of oil can also clog the pores and induce acne.

  • Medications

If you have done every single thing that would help control or minimize the pimples and it still does not go away, then probably it’s time for you to visit your dermatologist so that he or she can recommend you medications that may help in controlling the presence of acne.

These medications are usually either topical or oral antibiotics that could help in minimizing the appearance and swelling of acne.